Bradley Miller

Bradley Miller

2301 Agronomy Hall
716 Farm House Lane
Ames, Iowa 50011

+1 515-294-8077


I work to improve soil maps that provide the information needed to manage and address future challenges to society’s resource infrastructure. Soil maps communicate our knowledge of where different soil properties are, which is vital to understanding the variability of water and nutrient management needs for crops, water quality for drinking and ecosystem health, flood prediction, as well as road and building design. Critical to making better soil maps is to leverage new technology for making them more accurate and to present the information in a manner useful to respective end-users.

I firmly believe that Iowa State’s best products are its graduates. This university attracts excellent students. I support these future innovators and decision-makers through training and mentoring. My goal as a teacher is to uplift minds by promoting critical thinking and geospatial literacy for creating solutions needed to sustain ample food supplies, quality water resources, good health, as well as a safe and bountiful planet.

In addition to having a PhD in Geography, I am also a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP).

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