Iowa Soil Bulk Density – 1/3 Bar Maps [gSSURGO]

Bulk density, one-third bar, is the oven-dry weight of the soil material less than 2 mm in size per unit volume of soil at water tension of -0.33 bar (-33 kPa), expressed in grams per cubic centimeter. Bulk density data are used to compute linear extensibility, shrink-swell potential, available water capacity, total pore space, and …Continue reading “Iowa Soil Bulk Density – 1/3 Bar Maps [gSSURGO]”

Iowa Soil Organic Matter Maps [gSSURGO]

Organic matter is the plant and animal residue in the soil at various stages of decomposition. The estimated content of organic matter is expressed as a percentage, by weight, of the soil material that is less than 2 mm in diameter. The content of organic matter in a soil can be maintained by returning crop …Continue reading “Iowa Soil Organic Matter Maps [gSSURGO]”