Maddy Krumins – Peer Mentor

Introducing Department of Agronomy Peer Mentor Maddy Krumins!

Maddy is a sophomore majoring in Agronomy and Environmental Science. She comes to ISU from her hometown of Naperville, IL. This coming summer, she will be excited for the opportunity to teach kids about the environment at a summer camp.

She was interested in being a peer mentor for the department because she wanted to help other students, especially those struggling and needing guidance. Her responsibilities include setting up social events, volunteer opportunities, field trips, helping out in classes, and having office hours. All of these things she is doing to help new agronomy students get involved and find a place on campus.

Maddy’s advice for new agronomy students is, “to lean on your support systems in agronomy because that’s what we’re here for!” Her favorite on-campus that she wants to share with everyone is how many different places there are to study; she shares that there is a place to fit every person’s needs.

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