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Incoming Undergraduate Scholarships

Freshman – Apply online before January 10
Transfer – Apply online before February 1

Agronomy Academic Fellowships: $3,000 per semester for Iowa residents and $5,000 per semester for non-resident students. Renewable for up to eight semesters, for a total of $24,000 (resident) or $40,000 (non-resident). Offers will be made to select entering freshmen that have shown academic excellence.

Joseph L. Robinson Memorial Scholarship: One award annually to a new freshman or transfer student who shows leadership potential for a career in agronomy. Established in 1990 by Herman and Eunice Justice of Watonga, Oklahoma. Mrs. Justice is the niece of Joe Robinson, a member of the Agronomy family from 1920 to 1959 and passed away at the age of 96 in 1990. Joe was responsible for the development of Iowa’s Crop Seed Certification Program, the Master Corn and Master Soybean Yield Contests, and he organized the Iowa Corn Yield Test Program which has been the proving ground for corn hybrids.

Kiley Powers Farm Endowed Scholarships: Several awards are given to new students in agronomy or seed science at Iowa State University. This scholarship fund was established at the request of Marie R. Powers from her estate.

Clyde Black and Son Agriculture Awards: Four scholarships are given based on extracurricular activities, leadership potential, demonstrated leadership, scholarship, work and community experience, and financial need. This fund was established by the families of Clyde and Julius Black to honor these two prominent agronomists of the seed industry.

Agronomy Teachers Scholarship was established in 1990 as an endowment by the Agronomy undergraduate teaching and advising faculty members. Individual faculty members have continued to make annual contributions to help recognize outstanding students. Scholarships are awarded to students in Agronomy on the basis of academic excellence, leadership activities, and professional potential.

AGRONOMY ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1980 and continues to be supported by Agronomy Alumni. Scholarships of varying amounts are awarded to students in Agronomy on the basis of academic excellence, leadership activities, and professional potential.

The DON EGGERLING AGRONOMY RECRUITING SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to incoming freshman, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and who are residents of Iowa.

George N. Heald, Nellie Stromer Heald and Joyce Heald Simpson Scholarship in Agronomy and Human Sciences is given to a student in agronomy during odd years. Preference is given to students transferring from a community college and second preference shall be given to first-generation students.