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Researchers studying leaf angle aim to improve yields, inspire young scientists

The angle of the leaves on a corn stalk directly affects the plant’s ability to soak up the summer sun needed for photosynthesis. Breeders have developed various corn hybrids with
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Students and professors from the ME415 capstone class

Agronomists join forces with engineers to create innovative in-field research chamber to breed heat tolerant varieties

A multidisciplinary project at Iowa State University is harnessing engineering to solve agronomic challenges, enlisting undergraduates to develop an innovative research chamber to study soybeans’ responses in the field to
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Ezequial sitting on the Iowa State University wall with the campanile in the background

National University of Rosario lecturer studies crop attributes at Iowa State University

Ezequiel Saenz, a lecturer at the National University of Rosario (Faculty of agronomy, Zavalla, Argentina), is visiting Iowa State University as a visiting scholar under the guidance of Dr. Sotirios Archontoulis,
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Reminiscing on a 70 year career in soil science

Dr. Prabhakar Tamboli was born in 1928 in Gwalior, India 190 miles south of New Deli. He was born to a middle class family. They lived in a temporary house
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USDA AgDiscovery comes to Agronomy

We were excited to host 16 high school students from across the country this week for the USDA- Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS). AgDiscovery is a unique opportunity
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Licht receives Arden R. Campbell award

Dr. Mark Licht was presented the Arden R. Campbell award. The award recognizes a faculty member who has made notable contributions and provided distinguished service to the M.S. in Agronomy
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