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Agronomy Department
Advisory Council
  • Mary Wiedenhoeft, Associate Chair of Academics
  • Danny Singh, Associate Chair for Discovery and Engagement
  • Prashant Jha, Associate Chair of Extension and Outreach
  • Mindy Devries, term – elected
  • Brian Hornbuckle, tenure – elected
  • Pat Schnable, ad hoc
  • Michael Thompson, ad hoc
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee


  • Ken Moore ( – Faculty Rep, Committee Chair
  • Elnaz Ebrahimi ( – Faculty Rep
  • Susana Goggi ( – Faculty Rep
  • Derrick Platero ( – Grad Student Rep
  • Elizabeth Tranel ( – Undergrad Rep
  • Dani Clark ( – Staff Rep
  • Glenn Wiedenhoeft ( – Staff Rep
Mission Statement

“In the Department of Agronomy, we cultivate openness and trust. To accomplish this, our primary efforts seek to remove barriers and to support all individuals in the department to be the change for the greater good. The committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to increase and maintain diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the Department, disseminating diversity, equity, and inclusion-related information and policies to faculty, staff, and students, and facilitating diversity, equity, and inclusion-related activities in the department. The committee also leads and coordinates the execution of plans for integrating diversity and inclusivity into the basic functions of the department.”


The purpose of this committee is to awaken a realization that the diversity of students, faculty and staff is an opportunity to advance individuals and strengthen organizations. This requires safe spaces where people embrace integrity, individuality, and diversity with sensitivity, kindness, and openness to change. Because of this work, our doors, minds, and hearts shall remain open to diverse persons and ideas.


The committee intends to include all people in the Department of Agronomy. This includes, but is not limited to, people of diverse origins, perspectives, job classification, and backgrounds. To achieve this, the Department of Agronomy encourages safe spaces for storytelling, bringing to light stereotypes and prejudices, and identifying barriers that can be overcome. By promoting respect, honesty, compassion, diversity, and acceptance, we support a positive and safe culture for all members of the department.

Renewal and Advancement of Term Faculty Committee
  • Chair: Lee Burras – Elected, 2 years
  • Susana Goggi – Appointed, 1 year
  • Jan Wiersema – Elected, 2 years
  • Walter Suza – Elected, 3 years
  • Renuka Mathur – Appointed, 1 year
Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Chair: Brian Hornbuckle
  • Mike Castellano
  • Lee Burras
  • Danny Singh
  • Fernando Miguez
Awards Committee
  • Chair: Asheesh Singh, Plant Breeding
  • Brian Hornbuckle, AG Meteorology
  • Bob Horton, Soils
  • ?, Staff
  • David Grant, at large
  • Madan Bhattacharyya, appointed
Undergrad Scholarship Committee
  • Chair: Brian Hornbuckle (
  • Heidi Ackerman (
  • Lee Burras (
  • Kevin Desjean (
  • Stephanie Zumbach (
Agronomy Graduate Student Club Officers
  • President: Alejo Ruiz
  • Vice President: Liza Van der Laan
  • Secretary: Juan Ignacio Di Salvo
  • Treasurer: Karlene Negus
  • Social Chair: Juan Panelo
  • Seminar Co-Chairs: Joscif Raigne, Cintia Sciarresi, and Yunjiao Zhu
R.F. Baker Plant Breeding Symposium Committee
  • Co-Chairs: Mercy Azanu and Kiara Kappelmann
  • Speaker Chair: Vencke Gruening
  • IT Chair: Karlene Negus
  • Media Chair: Ann Murithi
  • Food & Venue Chair: Naresh Boddepalli
  • Workshop & Awards Chair: Sam Blair
  • Field Day Co-Chair: Memis Bilgici and Joseph DeTemple


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