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Agronomy student's art on display in Kildee

We love to brag about our agronomy students and their accomplishments in and outside the classroom. Wyatt Bailey is quite talented when it comes to his artistic abilities. His art was placed on display in Kildee Hall recently. The collection of eleven pieces represents Wyatt’s experiences in agriculture. The artworks vary in medium and context, from charcoal and graphite to livestock and crop exhibition. Wyatt shares, “for specific titles and meanings, I encourage people to view my display in Kildee Hall in the main hallway!”

Wyatt’s talent began in elementary school, where he began sketching and creating pieces. His dad is also extremely artistic, and he looked up to his work growing up. “Once I got to high school, I became serious about drawing, and I found my style in drawing pieces representative of the everyday life of agriculture,” Wyatt shares. His high school had an excellent program that helped nurture his talent and push him to better his skills. “I developed an undeniable passion for drawing and continue to make pieces on the rare occasion that I have some free time,” Wyatt shares.

His high school art program pushed students to be competitive with the art they were creating. This led Wyatt to compete in different art contests, which already enjoyed the competition. Wyatt shares that, to his surprise, judges seemed to catch on to his pieces well, and he has been lucky enough to have drawings of his hung at the Iowa State Fair, various regional contests, and even the United States Capitol building in Washington, D.C!

With college life and everything Wyatt is involved in, he hasn’t started any new pieces recently. He does have a few projects that he has slowly been adding to over the last year. A goal that he has always had regarding his art is being able to make it a small business venture. Wyatt shared, “once I learned how to professionally scan my drawings to make prints; I discovered an opportunity to create a business out of my drawings. I currently sell prints of my works.”

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