Agronomy Researchers Present Valuable Information at ICM Conference

ICM conference participants from agronomy

More than 580 people attended the 34th Annual Integrated Crop Management (ICM) Conference at its new location at Prairie Meadows in Altoona on December 4 and 5, 2023. Producers, commodity organizations, industry, and researchers had the opportunity to attend 66 sessions that offered up the latest research and recommendations on crop management. Topics ranged from nitrogen and cover crops to a panel on the Endangered Species Act.

Speakers from agronomy and titles for their presentations included Mark Licht: It’s Not the Size of the Corn but How it Yields and Out of the Box Soybean Management; Antonio Mallarino: Agronomic, Economic, and Water Quality Implications of Different P and K Fertilization Management Concepts; Sotirios Archontoulis and master’s student Carolina Freitas: Changes to Corn Hybrids Over the Last 40 Years and What Do Deep Soil Moisture Measurements Tell Us About Water Stress in Iowa?; Michael Castellano, Melissa Miller and PhD student Mitchell Baum: Iowa Nitrogen Initiative: Overview, Recruiting and 2022-2023 Results; Rick Cruse: Soil erosion and Water Resource Management; and Richard Roth: Impacts of Cereal Rye on Nitrogen Cycling and Crop Production.


In photo above, top row from left, Sotirios Archontoulis, Mark Licht, and Michael Castellano. Center row from left, Antonio Mallarino, Richard Roth, Melissa Miller, and Rick Cruse. Bottom row from left, Meaghan Anderson, Mitchell Baum, and Carolina Freitas.

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