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Seminars in Agronomy

The department brings in speakers from around the globe each semester to share their insight on everything from research to professional development.

Fall 2023 – Agronomy Seminar Series

Join us on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm
2050 Agronomy Hall, unless noted otherwise 
Also available via Zoom

11/16 – Crop Adaptation Integrating Evolutionary Genetics, Crop Modeling and Molecular Breeding – Geoffrey Morris (Colorado State University)

Other Departmental Seminars

11/16 – 11am, 3022 Agronomy Hall: Dr. Graeme Hammer, professor of crop science, University of Queensland, Australia

PhD Defense Seminars


MS Defense Seminars

11/17 – Madison Barnes, 10am, virtual, Title: “An understanding of seed priming and its use in row crop production.” (Major Prof: David Kwaw-Mensah) Zoom:

11/17 – Chris Creguer, 1pm, virtual, Title: “Microbial seed treatments and their effect on stand establishment and uniformity.” (Major Prof: Susana Goggi) Zoom:

11/17 – Carolyn King, 1pm, Agronomy 3022, Title: “An analysis of weekly Haney Soil Health testing in a cover crop vs. no cover crop trial in a corn-soybean management system in Southeast Iowa.” (Major Prof: Mike Castellano and Jerry Hatfield)

11/20 – Denia Troxell, 12pm, Virtual, Title: Title: “The vitality of seed production areas in California’s reforestation efforts.” (Major Prof: Shuizhang Fei) Zoom:

CALS Office of Research & Discovery: Teambuilding for Innovations in Agriculture

Seminars are each Tuesday over the noon hour (12-1pm) through Nov. 21 in 3022 Agronomy Hall. Research faculty, postdocs and graduate students are welcome. 

Nov. 21 – Soil and water quality impacts of organic farming in Iowa: Sabrina Ruis, USDA-ARS & Exploring ecosystem services of organic farming systems in Iowa: Kathleen Delate, Horticulture

Nov. 28 – Building Teams for New Collaborations