Territory Manager at Mycogen Seeds used his opportunities at Iowa State to find his career

October 21, 2019

Tony Moellers, 2017 Iowa State University graduate with a double major in Agronomy and Seed Science and minor in Agricultural Business, is a Territory Manager for Mycogen Seeds, which is the retail-focused seed brand of Corteva. He manages the Mycogen corn and soybean business for 10 counties in Northwest Iowa.

As Territory Manager, no two days are alike for Tony. One day he is evaluating product performance and the next he is in strategy meetings with Mycogen’s retail partners. “Ultimately our goal is to work with our partners in identifying opportunities to grow our businesses together,” said Tony.

“I truly enjoy and am humbled to be a part of a growers operation. It really means a lot when a grower purchases our products and allows us to be a part of their business,” said Tony. “Additionally, I have a passion for agronomy and crop physiology, so being out in the field and observing how our products develop across different environments in extremely interesting to me.”

He noted that Iowa State is a great place to build a professional network of peers that he now works alongside within the industry. Tony also took advantage of the study abroad opportunities that Iowa State offers by traveling to New Zealand with the agronomy and dairy sciences departments, which expanded his experiences at Iowa State.

Tony found his job at the reputable College of Agriculture and Life Sciences career fair. “I obtained two internships for this position via the career fair, which led to a full-time position immediately following graduation,” said Tony.

Tony emphasized how beneficial the career fair was to his experience at Iowa State and how it has something to offer for every student. “Be willing to try something new,” said Tony.