Summer Internship: Marjorie Hanneman

September 24, 2019

Junior in agronomy Marjorie Hanneman spent her summer working for Bayer Crop Science in Ankeny, Iowa at the high throughput genotyping facility as the Molecular Breeding Intern.

On a daily basis, Marjorie utilized lab robots to conduct real time PCR on a variety of crops and genetic traits. The project she worked on focused on testing and validating new master mix for quality and efficiency across crops, markers, and traits. She also used automated machinery to complete her daily activities as well as data collection and analysis.

"My favorite part of my internship was being able to complete lab work at such a large scale. I was able to work with about 15 different crops and learn how to manage huge data sets and design experiments. I also enjoyed working with state of the art machinery and robots and being at the forefront of biotechnology," Marjorie said.

Marjorie's classes at Iowa State helped her get an understanding of biotechnology and genetic research. By working in a research lab on campus, she also learned lab skills and protocols that were utilized in her time at the Ankeny lab.

"This internship solidified my interest in working in a lab and in genetic research. I loved the work environment this summer and I hope to be able to work in a research lab working with crops," Marjorie said. "I was able to gain a strong understanding of what direction the field is going by the time I am out of school. I learned a lot about experimental design and data management, which I will find valuable in any research position I find myself in."