Summer Internship: Trace Bolsinger

September 23, 2019

Senior in agronomy Trace Bolsinger spent his summer working for the USDA: Natural Resource Conservation Service as a soil conservationist trainee. 

Trace spent his days working with landowners to develop, implement, maintain, and revise complex conservation plans under the 2018 Farm Bill. He also helped promote, market, and implement the initiatives of the 2018 Farm Bill. Maintaining positive relationships with private companies as well as state and federal agencies that were in relation to natural resource concerns was also an important role for Trace. He also had the opportunity to evaluate the implementation of conservation plans and their alternatives under supervision.

Trace described his favorite part of the internship being complex conservation evaluations and then implementing the plans to their alternatives specific area of interest that fit best for the land and landowner. He also really enjoyed networking with renowned Soil Health Specialists such as Mike Hubbs and Doug Peterson.

Trace began as a Biological Research Aide with the USDA at the Agricultural Research Service agency where he learned the fundamentals for seed preparation, planting, germination, pollinating, seed processing, and data capture and entry.

"Like all of my agronomy classes at Iowa State University, taking "Super Soils" with Dr. Marshall McDaniel and Fundamentals of Plant Physiology with Dr. Emily Heaton allowed me to broaden my knowledge and combine it with the skills acquired from the ARS as I applied them into the Soil Conservationist Trainee position," Trace said.

Trace's internship will allow him to further his knowledge and skill sets as he continues his career with the NRCS as well as implement the skill sets on his own family farm.