Anna Drendel: Louisiana internship experience

December 10, 2019

Anna Drendel, a junior in agronomy, spent her summer working with BASF as a Sales and Marketing Development Intern in Northern Louisiana.

"As an intern, my main role was to complete a capstone project that I later would present," said Anna. "I also collected data throughout the summer on various research plots while also exploring different career options through BASF and shadowing various employees in the field."

In a typical work day, Anna would travel to Southern Arkansas, Central Mississippi, or Central Louisiana. She would visit several cotton and soybean plots where she would collect data, take photos, and take soil samples. Anna also had the opportunity to go to field days with her field lead or other agronomists in bordering states and shadow them as well.

"Many of the things I learned in class were applicable to my internship. Having a solid background in agronomy helped me to know which questions to ask and which aspects to focus on when learning all the new crops I was exposed to in the south, such as sugarcane, rice, and cotton," said Anna. "It was very interesting to see how agricultural practices differ depending on the region."

After completing her internship, Anna says she has a better understanding of what she wants to do in her life regarding agronomy. She explained that she felt very empowered and encouraged to explore her full potential in agronomy as well as the agricultural industry.

"Overall, my internship was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It was a wonderful opportunity in which I was able to grow, not only in my agronomy knowledge, but also personally as well," said Anna.

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