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D3AI: Data driven discoveries for agricultural innovation

Co-PI – Asheesh Singh, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Carolyn Lawrence, Senior Personnel – Arti Singh and others

Currently, the highest priorities for agriculture production are to sustainably meet the food/feed/fuel/fiber requirements of a growing population worldwide. Changes in consumption patterns coupled with the rise in population growth and disposable income levels in emerging economies require the development of sustainable agricultural production practices. Towards this goal, plant scientists, engineers, and statisticians are increasingly working to improve efficiency and reduce costs of production. Our team recognizes a transcending opportunity through the use of high throughput phenotyping, image analysis and data analytics to address the issue of increased crop production and sustainability and deliver tools to farmers and plant researchers. Our vision is to tightly integrate this data analytics pipeline with best practices in management and policy that enhance the profitability and sustainability of farms under changing climatic conditions.

D3AI: Data driven discoveries for agricultural innovation
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Singh, Arti
1559 Agronomy 716 Farm House Ln
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