Graduate Student Awards

December 13, 2018
Congratulations to all of the graduate students who received scholarships and awards!
Research Excellence Award – The award is to recognize graduate students for outstanding research accomplishments as documented in resulting theses and dissertations. The Research Excellence Program is administered by the Graduate College with additional support from the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. 
  • Matthew Dzievit, PhD, Plant Breeding (Jianming Yu)
  • Hung-Ying Lin, PhD, Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics (Patrick Schnable)
Brown Graduate Fellowship – The Brown Graduate Fellowship is used to strategically advance ISU research in the areas of study that are governed by the Valentine Hammes Family and Leopold Hammes Brown Family Trust. These include science, agriculture, and space science. The preference is to fund Ph.D. students, although exceptional M.S. students are considered.
  • Mauricio Tejera, PhD, Crop Production and Physiology (Emily Heaton)
  • Qi Mu, PhD, Plant Breeding with a minor in Genetics and Genomics (Jianming Yu)
  • Cole Dutter, PhD, Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture  (Marshal McDaniel)
Ted Crosbie Monsanto Scholarship in Corn Breeding – Eligible scholarship recipients will be pursuing a master’s degree or doctorate in the Iowa State agronomy department with a focus on corn breeding. Preference will be given to applicants who are Iowa residents.
  • Laura Tibbs, PhD, Interdepartmental Genetics and Genomics (Jianming Yu)
Josef F. Schuler Graduate Fellowship in Agronomy – The Schuler Fellowship is open to all students in the Department of Agronomy who are pursuing an M.S. or Ph.D. degree with an emphasis in crop breeding. Preference is given to those students who are graduates of an Iowa high school or undergraduate institution
  • Matthew Carroll, PhD, Plant Breeding (Asheesh Singh)
  • Tyler Du Bay, MS, Plant Breeding distance program (Thomas Lubberstedt and Paul Scott)
Robert A. Sloan Graduate Award in Sustainable Agriculture – The Donor has been inspired by conservation efforts on his family's farm in northeast Iowa to provide support to graduate students studying sustainable agriculture/agronomy at Iowa State University. The Donor is particularly interested in supporting students who are studying conventional agricultural practices for productive, sustainable land use. Recipients of this award are pursuing a graduate degree in sustainable agriculture or agronomy.
  • Lori Adendroth, PhD, Crop Production and Physiology (Fernando Miguez and Michael Castellano)
  • Huong Nguyen, PhD, Sustainable Agriculture (Matt Liebman)
  • John Jones, PhD, Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture (Antonio Mallarino)
  • Virginia Nichols, PhD, Crop Production and Physiology (Sotirios Archontoulis)
C. R. Weber Award of Excellence in Plant Science – The C. R. Weber Award for Excellence in Plant Breeding was established in 1981 to recognize outstanding academic and research accomplishments by plant breeding graduate students in the Department of Agronomy. C. R. Weber was a professor in the Department of Agronomy at Iowa State University who made outstanding contributions to plant breeding, particularly in soybeans. The award was established by his family and friends to reward graduate students with the same goal for excellence to which he aspired.
  • Matthew Dzievit, PhD Plant Breeding (Jianming Yu)
  • Qu Mu, PhD, Plant Breeding with a minor in Genetics and Genomics (Jianming Yu)
Francis and Beatriz (Castro) Mar Graduate Scholarship – In June 2018, Dennis Mar established a graduate scholarship in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in memory of his parents. Both of his parents were international graduate students at Iowa State University back in 1942 – 1944. Recipients are enrolled in the Department of Agronomy. Recipients are international students in their last year/semester of their degree program.
  • Anabelle Laurent, PhD, Crop Production and Physiology (Fernando Miguez)
Ruppert and Judith Hunziker Graduate Scholarship in Soil Science  Recipients shall be graduate students majoring in the Soil Sciences including but not limited to Soil Chemistry, Soil Science, or Soil Biology. Preference shall be given to students with prior or current service in the U.S. military, as a public school teacher, or with an agricultural extension service.
  • Alex Cleveringa, MS, Soil Science (Mahdi Al-Kaisi)
Vernon C. Miller Scholarship in Agronomy – Recipients are enrolled in the Department of Agronomy and are studying conservation agriculture which may include but is not limited to environmental improvement, conservation tillage, cropping systems and nutrient management. 
  • Virginia Nichols, PhD, Crop Production and Physiology (Sotirios Archontoulis)
Oblinger Travel Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to graduate students traveling to national or international professional meetings.  These funds will be targeted for students senior authoring and presenting a paper (oral or poster) at the given meeting in this academic year.
  • Daniel Kohlhase, PhD, Plant Breeding (Michelle Graham)
The Department of Agronomy’s Graduate Student Award Recipients Fall 2018.
Pictured left to right, front row – Lori Abendroth, Anabelle Laurent, Huong Nguyen, Laura Tibbs, Qi Mu, and Daniel Kohlhase.
Back row – John Jones, Matthew Carroll, Matthew Dzievit, Alex Cleveringa, and Cole Dutter.
Not pictured – Tyler Du Bay, Virginia Nichols, Hung-Ying Lin, and Mauricio Tejera