Stunning Views, Crops & Snorkeling Part of Student’s Hawaiian Experience

Megan Katzung, a senior in agronomy, is participating in the National Student Exchange Program to Hawaii this spring semester. She is studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa on O’ahu. She chose the university at Manoa because it is one of the biggest schools in Hawaii and offers agriculture-related courses. ”I decided to do an exchange to Hawaii mainly because of the warm weather and outdoor activities that I can do here during the spring such as snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and hiking,” said Katzung.

Katzung says she’s learned a lot from the experience. “I am in a Hawaiian Studies class and I have been amazed to see the connection that Hawaiian culture and religion have to food production. Though it is nothing compared to Iowa crop production, Hawaiians do produce a large quantity of their other food crops here on the islands. I have also been exposed to staple crops such as taro or kalo that I had never even heard of before I got to the islands.”

One of her favorite things to do while in O’ahu has been snorkeling. “I have been able to see so many fish, turtles, urchins and sharks. I am looking forward to seeing manta rays soon and I am planning to sky dive before I leave,” said Katzung.


Photos clockwise from left: Kuliouou Ridge near Honolulu, Megan Katzung enjoying the botanical gardens in Kailua, a small-scale vegetable production field in Waimanalo from a class field trip, Koko Head Crater and Galapagos sharks on the North Shore during a snorkeling excursion.

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