Agronomy End of Year Awards and Recognition Ceremony

Courtney Harle

The Agronomy Year-End Celebration was held April 2nd to celebrate our outstanding undergraduate students, clubs and teams. The Soils Judging Team, Crops Team, Soil & Water Conservation Club and Agronomy Club presented summaries of their year in addition to highlights from the Learning Community, Study/Travel Abroad trips and Undergraduate Student Researchers. All graduating seniors were recognized, and Courtney Harle received the Senior Excellence in Agronomy Award from the department. Ephraim Van Zante received the Agronomy Club Outstanding Underclassman Award and Tom Thompson received the Agronomy Club Outstanding Senior Member Award. Thanks to the planning committee Allison Smith, Katelyn Kucera, Henry Larson, Heidi Ackerman, Kevin Desjean, Stephanie Zumbach, Marshall McDaniel and Mindy DeVries.

In photo: Agronomy Interim Chair Mary Wiedenhoeft, Agronomy Senior Courtney Harle, Assistant Teaching Professor Mindy DeVries and Associate Teaching Professor Amber Anderson

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