Agronomy Student Spends Spring Semester in Germany

Rachael Voss in Germany

Agronomy senior, Rachael Voss, is enjoying her spring semester studying in Marburg, Germany at Philipps-Universität Marburg. She chose the study abroad experience because her second major is German and she has known since high school that she wanted to study abroad in Germany. “Marburg was the best choice for me because it offered an opportunity to hone in on my German for a semester while still having the program semester dates align with the U.S. semester,” said Voss.

Some of the sights she has taken in so far in Marburg include Landgrafenschloss Castle, built in the 11th century, and a famous tower called the Hexenturm, where prisoners were kept after trial and prior to their sentences being carried out. Since Marburg is relatively near German wine country, Voss said she will be taking a trip to Rüdesheim sometime in April. “I’ve truly enjoyed exploring Marburg and its surroundings. It’s a very hilly city, so it has great opportunities for hiking, especially on the way up to historical sites. I am looking forward to our class trip to Dresden. There’s so much history there, and it will be a great opportunity to experience part of Saxony,” said Voss.

She said the food in Germany is a bit different from Iowa, but with similar ingredients. “Lots of potatoes, cheeses, and sausages are used. The region of Hessen has a dish called auflauf, a baked dish made with pasta, rice, or potatoes, cheese, vegetables and/or meat with a cream sauce, which reminds me of a Midwestern casserole,” said Voss. She also noted that the people are more reserved and straightforward than in the Midwest, but kind and friendly once you get to know them.

Landgrafenschloss Castle, Elisabethkirche and auflauf.

Top photo: Rachel Voss, center, with fellow students overlooking Marburg, Germany. 

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