Faculty & Staff

Advisory Council

  • Dr. Mary Wiedenhoeft, Associate Chair of Academics
  • Danny Singh, Associate Chair for Discovery and Engagement
  • Prashant Jha, Associate Chair of Extension and Outreach
  • Mindy Devries, term - elected
  • Brian Hornbuckle, tenure - elected
  • Pat Schnable, ad hoc
  • Mike Thompson, ad hoc

Promotion and Tenure Committee

  • Matt Liebman, chair
  • Jianming Yu
  • Brian Hornbuckle
  • Mike Castellano
  • Susana Goggi

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Maria Salas-Fernandez, chair
  • Darwin Campbell
  • Arti Singh
  • Assibi Mahama
  • Heidi Ackerman

Coming soon...

Awards Committee

Renewal and Advancement of Term Faculty Committee

Undergrad Scholarship Committee



Agronomy Governance Document

College Governance Document

Faculty Handbook

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Named Faculty Positions

Graduate Club Officers