Bailey wins the Iowa State Fair weed ID general category

Wyatt Bailey, junior in Agronomy, won the general category of the 2022 Weeds Identification contest at the Iowa State Fair on Friday, August 12th. It may very well be the first time a current undergraduate student has won the category. The other categories are Future Agronomist, for those under 19 and Professionals, for weed scientists and previous winners of the general category.

Various graduates of agronomy have won the general and professional categories after graduating from agronomy. Dr. Bob Hartzler, retired professor and long-time Weed ID contest coordinator, does not remember another current undergraduate winning the category. And he did so with an exceptional score of 28 out 30.

As an agronomy student, Wyatt is a teaching assistant this Fall for the Crops Team since he won the contest last Fall and cannot compete.


The upcoming Crops Teams events will be October 15th for the regional contest, November 15 for nationals in Kansas City and November 19 for nationals in Chicago.


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