Where Are They Now? Haleigh Summers '17 Grad

February 28, 2019

Haleigh Summers is currently a Second Year Master’s Student at University Park in Pennsylvania, where she is a graduate research assistant. As a graduate student, she developed her own thesis research questions, hypotheses, and protocols for her two field experiments. She oversees all operations for those experiments and will be in charge of analyzing and writing the results to submit for possible publication.

She works closely with graduate students in other departments, so she is able to learn about more than just her own research. Haleigh also enjoys the ability to have a flexible schedule.

The Department of Agronomy gave her a clear understanding of agronomic principles that help her in her field experiments. She oversees two field experiments and she has the background knowledge to understand when it is time to complete field operations.

Haleigh’s favorite memories were getting to know all of her fellow agronomists and getting to spend time with them in and out of class, as well as her favorite teachers, Dr. Erik Christian and Dr. Mary Wiedenhoeft.

She was heavily involved with Agronomy Club, and she attended many SASES events. At Penn State, she is now a Graduate student Representative for the Penn State Plant Science Department, the American Society of Agronomy Board, and the ASA Science Policy Committee.

Advice: The Agronomy department has a lot of opportunities for meeting new people (Agronomy Club, Soil Judging, Crops Judging, etc.) Get involved and meet new people, the agriculture community is small and you never know who you’ll run into in the future!