Pioneer Hi-Bred Agronomy Professorship Awarded to Dr. Ken Moore

September 25, 2017

Dr. Ken Moore, professor of Agronomy at Iowa State University, has been awarded the Pioneer Hi-Bred Agronomy Professorship. This honor is granted to agronomy faculty for exemplary performance in a number of different areas such as teaching and advising or research or scholarship. Moore will receive an endowment for three years to further enhance his career excellence.

Dr. Ken Moore has been a member of the Agronomy faculty since 1993. He is a renowned educator and scientist. Moore is recognized as a leading researcher in the area of bioenergy cropping systems and is the director of the Master of Science in Agronomy distance education program.  

His current research efforts are concentrated on studying species diversity in pastures and its relationship to spatial and temporal variation in available nutrients for grazing livestock, development of complementary grazing systems, and the impact of various legumes grown in mixtures with grasses on forage protein quality and availability.