Haley Stahl: Drone certification opens new doors

November 7, 2019

Haley Stahl, a sophomore in agronomy, has earned her drone certification through the FAA.

Haley’s certification allows her to legally fly drones commercially. She got the certification for her work, followed by her internship in which she used it the most. She took an online class where she learned more about drones and then took the FAA test to officially become certified.

“Since I am certified through the FAA, I can do work for companies flying drones and can do more than a hobby flyer would be able to,” said Haley. “The drone certification is valid for two years and the main drone I had the opportunity to fly was the Phantom 4 Pro.”

Haley used her certification in her internship last summer where she flew drones to obtain stand count data. She also used the drones to test which system had the best accuracy for their stand count data. Her certification will come in handy in her future internship or job opportunities.

“My future plans include receiving my bachelor’s degree in agronomy and seed science. I am undecided if I want to go on to get my masters or Ph.D. and I am specifically interested in research and fieldwork,” said Haley.

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