Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

February 28, 2019

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award is to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of a graduate student toward completing course work, research, professional development, and other departmental service activities in his or her time at Iowa State University. It is presented by the Agronomy Graduate Student Club.

Teresa Middleton received the Agronomy Outstanding Graduate Student award. Teresa is earning her masters while studying soil science with Dr. Marshal McDaniel. She is evaluating the decomposition of household items as potential easy to use soil health indicators. Teresa has buried potential indicators in local farms associated with Practical Farmers of Iowa and in a number of long-term ISU research farms. Teresa is honored to receive this award.

“I think in grad school it is easy to feel like you should always be doing more, so it is nice to have my work appreciated!”

Teresa is grateful to ISU and the Agronomy Department for providing her with so many opportunities for personal and professional growth over the last year.


Kevin Falk also received the award. He is currently working on his Ph.D., with his focus being in soybean breeding. He works to create and utilize soybean root phenotyping tools to evaluate and implement the diversity of soybean into the next generation of Iowa’s soybean varieties. Kevin is very honored to have been selected by his peers, that’s what makes the award so special.

“I don't think that I am any more outstanding than countless other agronomy grad students. The entire Agronomy Dept. collectively is a great team to be part of as filled with exceptional people. I count myself lucky to be a member of the team.”



Rafael Martinez-Feria recently graduated, but was also selected for the award. His research during his time here was studying the simulation of cropping systems nitrogen cycling.

“I am very honored to receive this recognition as I say goodbye to this great department.”

Rafael just started a Postdoctoral position with Dr. Bruno Basso at Michigan State University.