Senior Spotlight: Emma Molburg

February 19, 2020

With spring quickly approaching, graduation is just around the corner! Over the coming weeks, stay tuned to meet some of our graduating seniors.

Check out our first senior!

Emma Molburg will be graduating in May and staying with us in the Department of Agronomy to pursue her master's degree in soil science. During her time as an undergrad, Emma says her favorite class was Agronomy 354 - Soils and Plant Growth.

"Try to develop relationships with all of your professors in the department. Go to office hours, ask questions, find employment underneath faculty and staff," said Emma. "These relationships will be your references for jobs or graduate school, or they could even be your future employers. It is so important to show your professors that you want to make connections with them--it will help you in the classroom and after you graduate."

Thank you, Emma! Best wishes in your future endeavors.