A Star Both in the Field and Track & Field

February 5, 2019

Not only is Zach Timm a junior in Agronomy, crop production and business option, but he also throws shot put for the Iowa State Men’s Track and Field Team. The Men’s Track and Field Team has already began its season, with the first meet being on December 8th at the Jimmy Grant Invitational in Iowa City.

Practices typically range from 1 hour to up to 3 hours normally. Starting in August, when everyone returns to campus, practices are a limited amount of hours, but starting in October they begin full hours depending on the year.

“Managing my time has always been an issue when the season gets going.  I am usually traveling and missing classes.  I try to prioritize what is due and work on assignments/projects relative to their due date.  I have to spend a lot of Sundays catching up on schoolwork during the season,” Zach said, when asked about how he handles classwork, practices, and traveling for meets.

Student athletes, including Zach and his teammates, give out their schedules to their professors showing them the schedules for the year. Since Track and Field is a college sponsored event, Zach is allowed to make up any class or exam that is scheduled for the day that he missed. He usually doesn’t run into this problem because most of his professors don’t schedule exams on a Thursday or Friday, and many professors schedule their exams in the testing centers. His biggest problem was a Thursday night lab, so sometimes he would have move to a different lab section for the week.

While in high school, Zach really enjoyed Track and Field. He improved a lot his senior year and he wanted to see what was ‘left in his tank’. He had already chose Iowa State University for the Agronomy program. Zach is from a small family farm by Monticello, IA, where they raise cattle and grow row crops and forages. He also works in the Agronomy Learning Center as an Agronomy Learning Center Fellow.

This year, Zach was selected to be a part of the 2018/2019 Farm Bureau Farm Strong Team. 16 student athletes are chosen from each sport, and then they are honored throughout the year during in-game recognitions, a mural on the concourse at Hilton Coliseum, the Iowa State Athletics website, social media, and the annual Cyclone Scholar-Athlete Banquet.

“Iowa State student-athletes share much with Iowa farmers when it comes to embracing the qualities it takes to be a leader today, including hard work, commitment and integrity.”


If you would like to see Zach and his teammates at a meet, check out the link below for their schedule!