Agronomy Honors students present posters on individual projects

April 26, 2018

Honors students pursue individualized programs designed to enrich their educational experiences. As a part of their program, each Honors student plans, develops and completes an individual project. The results of those efforts were put on display at the Spring 2018 poster presentation of Honors projects held April 25. Participating students from Agronomy included:

Savanah Jones: Stress tolerance gene identification in Arabidopsis

Brittany Kirsch: Performance of a small, field-scale wetland

Samantha Reicks: Sulfur fertility in soybeans

Aimee Schulz: Inbreeding depression in wild maize populations subject to habitat degradation in southwest Mexico

Aliana Stevenson: Improved pest management in the agronomy greenhouses

Elizabeth Widder: Nitrogen management: Investigating the effectiveness of stabilizers

Adam Willman: Determining trends in trade policy and agricultural imports and exports in Morocco and Lebanon