Transfer Learning Community Field Trip

The Transfer Agronomy Learning Community took a “field trip” around the agronomy building at the beginning of November and visited with graduate students about their projects: Ms. Yunjiao Zhu (nitrogen fluxes from soils), and Mr. Ryan Hamberg (herbicide resistance in water hemp). The students also met with Dr. Ken Moore, Dani Clark, Roger Hintz, Amber Anderson, and Dr. Brian Hornbuckle.  The students enjoyed seeing a little of what goes on in the labs and greenhouses in the department, as well as the kinds of projects that some of their instructors are involved in!

Learning communities at ISU are a great way to get involved directly in your major. You are able to meet other students who are interested in the same areas as you are. Building these connections early on in your time here at Iowa State helps you to set a foundation of friendship and comfort. Some activities that learning communities do together are field trips like this one and career exploration, study groups, hands-on experiences, social activities, community service projects, and much much more! These groups are great for not only freshmen to join but also transfer students. As a transfer student it can be hard to come here as a junior or whatever year you are in. These communitties make the transition from junior college to ISU a easy and comfortable process. You are able to experience ISU with other transfer students who are in the same situation that you are. To learn more about learning communities check the information on their website:

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